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Scoober the Dive Dawg

Scoober the Dive Dawg

Back in November we met a couple at DEMA who told us the story of their amazing dog. We can never pass up the opportunity to show off dogs that dive!

Here is a little bit about Scoober the Dive Dawg, as told by Morna McLean, the Paradise Divers Dive Resort Manager:

“We lived on a little island off the coast of Honduras called Utila. You probably know it, it’s a diving Mecca. One day the Dive Shop next door saw a little head bobbing in the ocean about a mile from shore. It was a month old puppy who someone tried to drown. Well he was scooped up and taken back to the Dive Shop where the Dive Masters kept an eye on him but he was running with the street mutts.

He was well known on the island and spoiled rotten by the divers. They named him Scoober (there are a lot of dogs with diving related names – Snorkel, Reg(ulator), Fin) and he enjoyed his street life. However street dogs don’t tend to do very well on Utila and if he was going to survive he needed a home.

Dick and I were planning to stay on the island for a few more years so were “persuaded” to adopt him. Dick wasn’t so sure but i insisted I wouldn’t get too attached…..

So here we are now. Scoober has survived near drowning, being shot in the neck, heartworm and being hit by a truck.
He’s lived in Honduras, Colorado, Scotland and now working at Paradise Divers in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. He goes everywhere with us and life wouldn’t be the same without him.

He truly is the best and luckiest street mutt ever.”

Scoober on a Scooter

Scoober Swimming

To learn more about Scoober and the crew at Paradise Diver, visit their website at!