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My, How Far We’ve Come

Dive Dawg Booth Chicago

As we gear up for DEMA 2013, which is just 2.5 weeks away, we are reminded of our oh-so-humble beginnings. Shown below is our very first tradeshow booth. Dive Dawg was pretty much brand new at the time. We had a handful of t-shirt designs, some rash guards, and a few hats. We wanted to check out the show, and tell anyone we could about the awesomeness that was to come from Dive Dawg.

Our first setup included a garment rack, a couple of chairs, and a table. While we conducted a lot of give-aways (gallery below), many people suggested we sell our product on the floor instead of just talk about it.

Dive Dawg First Booth Ever

Jeff sits all by his lonesome in the booth. No, he’s not weeping, folks; he’s just on the phone.

The photo below is from our most recent show, Our World Underwater, in our hometown of Chicago. As you can see, selling on the floor has worked quite well for us! Lesson learned.

Dive Dawg Booth Full

Thanks for stopping by! If you’ll be at DEMA 2013 in Orlando, be sure to visit us at booth #214/216.

DEMA 2011 Gallery

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