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Join the Kennel

Join the Kennel

Attention dive shops and retail outlets:

  • Are you looking to bring a high-quality, recognizable brand in to your inventory?
  • Are you interested in affordable custom apparel with your business’ logo prominently displayed on it?
  • Are you interested in making more money than you could have ever imagined?*
  • Do you like diving and dogs?

If you can answer YES to any of the preceding questions, we have great news for you!

Dive Dawg is pleased to announce our new partner program – The Kennel. What’s this kennel business about, you ask? It’s quite simple! Being the flexible, kind souls we are, we collaborate with businesses to create custom apparel and/or determine which of our existing products would work best in their store. Examples of opportunities we offers are:

Name Drops

We will work with your team to add your logo to any product in our lineup. Taking one of our existing products, we will explore a variety of options on logo placement and prominence.

In a recent unscientific poll that may or may not actually be real, 95% of customers acknowledged that any business who places its logo on a Dive Dawg product is reliable, established, and generally awesome.

Custom Apparel

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our current line-up? We’ll gladly work with you to come up with a design of your own. Our artists are especially talented in bringing out the personality of your shop in our apparel.

During the (quick and easy) process, we will collaboratively work on the artwork design, placement of logo(s), and selection of the specific garment. You will receive a digital proof of the artwork and finished product before we go into production.

Just the Dawg, Please

Not interested in fancy custom-designed apparel with all the bells and whistles? No problem! Simply contact us to discuss pricing on our current product line. We pledge to be highly competitive in pricing, service, and quality.

Request a quote

To request a quote, contact We promise a prompt response!


*Individual results may vary, depending upon the size of your imagination. What? Don’t look at us that way. Our attorney made us say that.