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Dive Dawg Invades Cayman Islands – 2013 Edition

Cayman Brac Dodgeball Championship Teams 2

The Annual Trip

This July, Dive Dawg invaded Cayman Brac and Little Cayman during our annual “board meeting.” You see, each year we require some time away for strategic planning, super-important business decision-making, and, of course, diving!

We were fortunate enough to be able to dive with both Reef Divers and Brac Scuba Shack…two excellent and highly-recommended shops. Our dives with Reef Divers focused on sites around Cayman Brac. To mix things up, we chartered a boat with Brac Scuba Shack to head to Little Cayman for a day. Check out the video below of an awesome swim through in Little Cayman that brings you out around the 90′ mark, followed by a very active wall.

Cayman Brac Championship of Dodgeball

Bringing everyone together in a battle royale, we held our first “Cayman Brac Championship of Dodgeball,” featuring the Dive Dawgs vs. Cayman Brac’s Dive Masters (crap…forgot what they named their team). Of course, Dive Dawg provided team t-shirts to raise the badassery level to 11. In the end, the Dive Dawgs were victorious. However, the Dive Masters did come back for an ‘unofficial’ win the next day, after two of the Dive Dawgs had already left (yes, we’re bitter).