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Dive Dawg Will Be Rockin’ Out at Shark Con!

Shark Con

If you know anything about us, you at least know that we at Dive Dawg are avid shark lovers. there is plenty of misinformation and fear spread about our finned friends, and we support all efforts to set the record straight! That is why we’ve decided to attend Shark-Con on May 3rd and 4th at the Tampa Convention Center.

What is Shark-Con, you ask?! Why, it’s only the most awesome idea for a convention in the history of conventions. Hosted by the Florida Aquarium, this show was put together to raise awareness, educate, and raise funds for shark conservation. Throughout the weekend there will be many speakers and panels to promote conversation and thinking among shark enthusiasts. Of course, there will be some pretty sweet merchandise for sale, too!!

In celebration of our participation in the convention…and because people always nag us about not having kids tees, we will be unveiling a new design featuring an incredibly scary shark (shown below) that proves your child is kind of a badass.

If you’ll be at the show, be sure to stop by and say hi.

Happy Sharks