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Beneath the Sea 2014 Recap

Dive Dawg and Diveheart Beneath the Sea

We wanted to send out a special thank you to everyone who came by our booth at Beneath the Sea this year. We had a great time meeting new people, catching up with familiar faces, and talking about all of the great things going on at Dive Dawg!

On Friday, we headed over to the Meadowlands Exposition Center first thing in the morning to set up. With five of us on-site, and a handful of trade shows under our belt, we knocked out setup more quickly than ever before. We decided to attempt a new setup, where we kept tables at the front of the booth to separate us from the public…basically making people look at the shirts on display and ask us for certain sizes. This definitely cut down on time spent refolding product and tidying up. There were a couple of people who snuck around the tables and dug through stacks of shirts. We still love those people.

Beneath the Sea 2014 - Booth Setup

Setting up the booth at Beneath the Sea

Friday night, we had dinner with our good friend Christopher “Topher” Chin from COARE. We caught up on some of the great initiatives Chris has been working on, including work on plastic bag legislation and shark preservation. Chris is no stranger to testifying in front of intimidating legislative committees about the need for greater efforts in marine conservation. We’re big fans of Chris!

Saturday turned out to be a fairly busy day for us. We were definitely pleased with the excitement people showed for our designs and brand. New Jerseyans are great. I don’t care what other people say.

Throughout the weekend we hung out a lot with our friends from Operation: Blue Pride, as well. We met a while back at Our World Underwater and learned all about their work brining veterans together to promote ocean conservation and shark awareness. We’ll follow up with a separate post about all the efforts this group is taking on in the near future.

Operation: Blue Pride

Hangin’ out with Operation: Blue Pride

Finally, on Sunday, we were happy to give a donation to Diveheart from sales of Dive Dawg wristbands at the show. Diveheart is another organization that truly impresses us with the work they do. This organization helps individuals with disabilities get in the water and try out scuba. For those in physical pain, being in the water helps relieve a lot of what troubles them. Getting in the water with scuba gear on also promotes the self esteem and confidence.

It was a great show, overall! We’re looking forward to our next stop, Shark Con, in Tampa, FL on May 3rd.

Thanks for reading!