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About Us

About Us

Ahoy, mates!!  Welcome to Dive Dawg, dive apparel that matters. I know what you’re thinking…just what the world needs another, another t-shirt company. Our response to that is…yes, we do! Dive Dawg will always strive to be different by producing high-quality (entertaining) apparel while working to strengthen the diving community.

What sets Dive Dawg apart from the crowd is our commitment to help educate the masses about ocean ecology, and the myriad of issues confronting marine life today. Over 70% of our earth is covered with water – we need to take these issues seriously NOW.  Through the magic of social media and the world wide web we hope to be a source of information between the general public and the people working to make a difference.

Additionally, Dive Dawg is proud to announce that we will be contributing funds to individuals and organizations working to help out the world’s oceans. Currently, we are partnering with Shark Savers in the production of two special edition shirts that help spread the message about shark abuse and conservation. For each Shark Savers shirt sold, we are donating 30% of the purchase price directly to Shark Savers.

Please be sure to check back often. New items, such as hats, women’s t’s, and accessories will be arriving in the very near future.

Thank you, and happy diving!